iTunes Podcasts Tabpodcast_tab.png

Connect your iPad and iTunes will open:

If iTunes does not open, you can open the application by locating it in your dock and clicking the icon or by accessing it in the applications folder on your computer. iTunes is where you’ll go to manage your podcasts.

Under Devices along the left side, select YOUR IPAD by clicking on the device name.

1. Select the "Podcasts Tab"

2. Check the box next to Sync Podcasts to access podcasts that have been downloaded to your computer.

3. You may select the number of podcasts you would like brought over to our iPad by using the drop down menu. In the example, only the most recent unplayed episode of the selected podcast has been chosen.

4. Place a checkmark in front of the podcasts that you would like to sync with your iPad.

5. Don't forget to press the Apply button when you are done making your choices to begin the sync process with your iPad.

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